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Skiing in Podhale

Podhale is without a doubt the mecca of Polish skiing. This region is extremely popular amongst the fans of winter craziness Most skiers and snowboarders go to Zakopane and Bialka Tatrzanska. No wonder why. These two resorts offer a wide arrange of possibilities to skiers. However we shouldn’t forget that there are also other ski slopes nearby Zakopane.

So far, skiing was mostly associated with Zakopane. Very little people have heard of Bialka Tatrzanska or Bukowina. But nowadays, they are a paradise for skiers at the Polish side of Tatry. This is an excellent example of of the building and development of the ski resort. After all, there is the largest ski station in Podhale… But more about it later 🙂

Ski tracks at Kasprowy Wierch
The highest located ski slope and the only one with an alipne climate in Poland. The snow on Kasprowy Wierch is completely natural, the slope is not covered with artificial snow, which makes it very valuable among many skiers. There is a handful of ski tracks at Kasprowy Wierch:
Goryczkowa (1770 meters long), Gasienicowa (1200 meters long), the ski trail from the Gasienicowa Coomb. (8500 meters long) and a nartostrada from Goryczkowa (3500 meters long).

The Szymoszkowa
One of the more popular ski stations in Zakopane with gorgeous views on the Tatry panorama. There are 2 cableways available for fans of winter sports. The large 6-passenger cableway, which rides straight to the top of Gubalowka is a proposition for expert skiers and tourist, who love great sights. At the top we can also rest, drink some hot tea in a bar admire the mountains, while eating lunch in a restaurant.

The slope is also suitable for beginner skiers. We can improve our abilities using a smaller cableway, which finishes halway up the slope. Parents, who go skiing with their children, will be delighted with the Kids Park Szymoszkowa and its lift for the youngest skiers and snowboarders. With the help of a professional instructor, kids can stand on one or two boards for the very first time and start their adventure with winter sport through fun.

There are 6 ski tracks with different difficulty and length waiting for skiers and snowboarders at Harenda. The most advanced skiers can enjoy riding down the track that meets the FIS requirements (800 meters long) and the medium track (900 meters long). For the lower-advanced skiers, there are two medium tracks (100 meters long). And total beginners can choose two easy tracks. One is 250 meters long, and the other is 200 meters long.

Another slope frequently visited by ski maniacs is Nosal.This is an especially perfect place for beginner skiers and kids. We can choose from 6 tracks: Tatrapoma P1 (200 meters long),
Tatrapoma P2 (145 meters long). Tatrapoma P3 (250 meters long), Tatrapoma P4 (240 meters long), Tatrapoma P5 (200 meters long) and Taśma P5 (33 meters long)

The Kotelnicza Bialczanska Ski Resort
The largest ski station in Podhale. It contains 14 kilometers of tracks with different difficulty levels, adapted for both advanced and beginner skiers. The longest track is 1900 meters long, adn the shortest track is 110 meters long. There is a small garden for children, which is 65 meters long, and slightly sloping. From the resort you can see the beautiful panoramas of Tatry.

The Rusin ski station
The station is located at Wierch Rusinski in Bukowin Tatrzanska and offers perfect conditions for doing winter sports. Skiers and snowboarders have tracks with different difficulty levels, a Porshe Design 6-person chairlift, a 4-person chairlif, 2 draglifts and a baby lift. The main tracks are 1200 and 900 meters long.

Dluga Polana
A small ski resort located at the bottom of Gorce in Nowy Targ. It is a perfect place especially for beginner fans os skiing and snowboarding. Dluga Polana offers three skiing tracks – the blue track for beginners (650 meters), the red track for medium-advanced (450 meters) and the green track, perfect for those, who are taking first steps (100 meters).

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